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  • Coffee Talk - Sabri Korkmaz

    In this Coffeetalk Sabri Korkmaz talked about his Work& Travel experience and gave prep students useful tips and some advice.

  • Coffee Talk Wayne Trotman

    In his joyful Coffeetalk Wayne Trotmen shared his experiences with students and talked about British culture. 

  • Workshop by Dr. David Fay

    A Healthy Suspicion: Critical Media Lteracy in the Digital Age

    An inspiring workshop by Dr. David Fay

  • Training by TESOL in Turkey.

    Professional Development Unit joined a training provided by TESOL in Turkey.

  • Workshop by Suzan Kotan

    On 22th November Consultant Suzan Kotan shared  her inspiring ideas in her joyful workshop titled "How to start a lesson"



  • Workshop by Lect. Aylin Doğan Fırat

    Lecturer Aylin Doğan Fırat shared her tips on how to study Vocabulary


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